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Asbestos Removal Sunshine Coast

If your home was built in the 90s and earlier, then there are high chances that it contains asbestos removal. Manufacturers valued it because of its high tensile strength, sound absorption, and fire resistance but were not aware of its darker side. Asbestos becomes dangerous when it is airborne. When the tiny particles are inhaled, it increases your chances of getting lung or stomach cancer. Tearing down asbestos makes it release tiny particles that are airborne. Therefore, it is essential to consider proper asbestos removal in case you are planning to renovate your home. As long as asbestos does not interfere, it won’t affect your health. At B E Plant Hire, we are determined to helping you get rid of dangerous wearing out asbestos from your home.

Asbestos Removal Sunshine CoastWe are certain that our safe asbestos removal Sunshine Coast procedures will eradicate the dangerous asbestos from your home without affecting the lives of those living near you. If you are unsure whether your home contains asbestos, we can do an inspection of the same and help you get rid of it safely. Removing it yourself means you are exposing yourself to the dangers and risks of inhaling asbestos particles which can be fatal. Family members and pets should stay away during the asbestos removal process. The removal of asbestos requires the use of specialized equipment with outlined procedures and precautionary measures.


Critical Measures for Asbestos Removal Sunshine Coast

Some of the critical measures that we consider include;

Preparation of the work site

This is to ensure that the entire removal process goes on smoothly while reducing potential risks. A stable and user-friendly platform must be set to allow easy transition between our workers and the removal equipment. Restriction of access to the removal site is critical, and we use clear notices.

Use of the right removal equipment 

The typical equipment that is used in home renovation may not be applicable to use for asbestos removal. It is recommended to use the right removal equipment to avoid posing risks to nearby occupants. Proper polyethene sheeting is utilized to help prevent contamination when asbestos containing materials come into contact with other materials. Depending on the type of removal method, wetting agents such as garden-type sprayers may be needed. Cleaning equipment is also vital. We also ensure that waste containers are available for easy disposal in the work area.

Protective gears

Since workers removing the asbestos from your home are in close contact with the harmful materials, it is recommended to use effective protective gears. This ranges from clothing, respiratory protective equipment and boots among others. Disposable overalls are essential so as to prevent further contamination beyond the removal site. Decontamination is done to avoid the spread of the harmful materials.

Careful disposal of asbestos containing materials

Certified professionals do the removal procedure. The removal process is quite different from what is done during a normal roof replacement process. Contact with ACM is minimized as much as possible by using gloves and overalls. Removed ACM are handled carefully to avoid breakage and making them airborne. Rope and webbing used during the removal process are also disposed of safely.

Why consider B E Plant Hire for asbestos removal Sunshine Coast?

• We are very affordable. We are the removal experts you can count on regardless of how tight your budget is. Our quotes are pocket-friendly, and we provide them instantly. Besides, we don’t charge any added or hidden prices apart from what is contained in the quote.

• We have sufficient experience in removing all types of asbestos-containing materials. We do ensure that handling of all dangerous materials is done professionally and with utmost safety. We have handled several asbestos removal Sunshine Coast tasks, and no job is too tough for us.

• We are licensed, insured and bonded to provide safe asbestos removal Sunshine Coast. All our removal procedures meet the standards of Environment Protection Agency. You can always count on us for safe removal of hazardous asbestos.

• We use the latest and most advanced removal equipment in all our removal procedures. Therefore, we guarantee safe and sound removal.

Asbestos is not safe once it deteriorates and breaks. It can be fatal if you are exposed to its airborne particles both in the short and long term. Our methods and procedures are safe and friendly. Call us today and get a free quote on asbestos removal Sunshine Coast.

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