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Asbestos was a popularly used construction material in the 1970s because of its durability, efficiency and fire resistance. It is a decent material for roofing, insulation and flooring ideal for residential premises and offices.

However, when asbestos decay, it poses a major health risk. Its fibers deteriorate and become airborne which can be inhaled and become embedded in body tissues. See Brisbane Government Website about Asbestos

Long term exposure to high amounts of asbestos can cause serious conditions such as lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis among others.

Most of these conditions can be fatal and incurable. Therefore, if you have asbestos in your premise, it is advisable to have it removed. Asbestos removal is not a walk in the park. It is strongly recommended to be removed by certified asbestos removal experts.

At B E Plant Hire we are determined to make your asbestos removal hassle free.

We have been involved in demolition and asbestos removal Brisbane for 16 years. We do recognize the lethal impacts of asbestos on the health of occupants. We are equipped with the right equipment and tools needed in transportation and demolition of asbestos in both residential and commercial premises.

Regardless of how small or large a structure is, we have the right expertise who can handle all types of asbestos removal tasks. We have a license from the Environmental Protection Agency to carry out the removal of dangerous asbestos.

If you plan to sell your home, then we can help eliminate dangerous asbestos and make your home sellable. Most home buyers nowadays will do a home inspection to determine whether it contains dangerous asbestos.

House or Commercial Asbestos Removal Brisbane

We use the latest asbestos removal Brisbane methods to minimize the impacts on those living in the neighborhood. Some of the removal methods that we use include wet removal, dry removal and water injection and saturation.

We do remove both friable and non-friable asbestos. Our removal experts have all the protective respirators and coveralls that lessen the risk of asbestos inhalation. During the removal process, it is also vital to minimize chances of materials breaking up so as to reduce fibers from getting airborne.

To ensure that everyone is safe, we do control the risks associated with the removal process. It includes limiting the access to the site, decontamination and disposal procedures and the use of protective equipment.

Asbestos debris is tightly sealed in bags to limit contamination and make it safe for disposal. We are available for both residential, industrial, commercial and internal asbestos removal tasks.


Advantages of Asbestos Removal Brisbane

Our removal contractors hold class A and B friable asbestos licensing meaning we can handle all types of asbestos removal jobs. Whether you want some samples to be tested, roofs and walls removed and more, we can help.

Alongside the quality work we deliver, we do provide excellent customer services to all clients from Brisbane and beyond.

We do provide diligent attention to detail for all asbestos removal jobs. We do value and respect our customers and their property. This is why we have remained a one-stop shop for all asbestos removal tasks. We also accommodate emergent issues that may occur during the removal process.

We do minimize disruption to homes, families, workplaces and surrounding. Besides, our asbestos removal methods are environment-friendly meaning we don’t impact negatively on the environment.

Our solutions are affordable. We do charge reasonable setting up and cleaning up fees. You can contact us for asbestos testing, pre-inspection, materials, and labor.

We have 16 years of combined experience in asbestos removal Brisbane. We can perform all types of asbestos removal projects safely and securely. Our priority is focused on your safety and the safety of your family, and that of employees. You can expect professional, safe and reliable working environment after you hire our service.

We are proud to have a backup of positive customer reviews from satisfied clients. This comes from our ability to abide by the safe asbestos removal Brisbane guidelines.

Asbestos Removal Brisbane Contact

Asbestos is dangerous, and you should not attempt to remove it on your own. It requires an experienced and certified professional. An amateur attempt can pose a higher health hazard for the family and community as a whole. Numerous safety measures should be taken.

Contact us today for custom asbestos removal in Brisbane. You can also request a free quote for asbestos removal Brisbane.

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